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PepNet Technologies: Your Communication, Our Focus

Welcome to PepNet Technologies, your Carbon Neutral RingCentral Business Partner. PepNet Technologies is a Managed IT service provider in Perth, Western Australia, focussing on 4 core offerings for their business and enterprise customers:

Cloud Telephony: RingCentral’s Cloud platform – Message, Video, Phone (MVP) & Contact Centre is a global leader in Cloud Communications with their uptime of 99.999% and now Gartner Magic Quadrant Leader for the 8th year in a row (2015-2023). RingCentral empowers modern mobile and distributed workforces to communicate, collaborate, and connect via any device, anywhere in the world backed up by 4G/5G redundancy/failover, can a legacy on-premise PBX do that?  We are proudly a Certified Delivery partner which allows us to bring our customers value-driven Cloud Communications technology.

Fleet Management: As a Teletrac Navman partner we provide class leading Fleet Management solutions from the Number 1 Telematics company in Australia. With over 25 years of experience, their solutions help increase safety, boost revenue and lower operating costs for a variety of industries. We can now equip businesses with advanced data tools for location-based tracking (per second, and high-definition data), fuel tax claims (Teletrac are the only Fleet Management company with ATO Class & Product rulings), reporting, safety, and compliance – all via one powerful, user-friendly platform.

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Managed IT: Need an IT service provider you can count on? We can assist with your Phone, Data & Internal Network infrastructure giving you 1 point of contact for all your business requirements. PepNet provides professional networking solutions that support multi-WAN with failover, load balancing and WAN bonding features for mobile, fleet, wireless and wired applications. PepNet is also an Australian Peplink partner and stockist so, we configure and design the right solution for your business needs.

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Portable Internet: UConnect is a portable internet solution powered by enterprise-grade Peplink networking equipment. Providing internet on the go for indoor/outdoor events, 4K video streaming, conferences, retail outlets, ticketing, remote-office workers, and emergency situations, just to name a few.  We offer powerful bonded internet that keeps you connected no matter where you are.  Our solutions pack a powerful punch – it’s the smartest, most cost-effective, portable networking solution, providing mission-critical internet with 100% uptime in Australia today.

Providing only world-class products and services from our partners, our expert staff can improve your communications while saving you both time, money, and the planet along the way.


     Learn more about our products below:


Our solutions provide premium-grade broadband services with high-speed uploads and downloads so you can send large files & access critical applications with confidence.

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A revolutionary way to approach office networking and assure optimal performance by using centrally managed WAN virtualization. SD-WAN delivers inc...

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Cyber Security

Recovering from a high-level breach could potentially be very expensive and time consuming. Don’t wait until its too late.

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Microsoft 365

Enhance productivity and inspire collaboration. With Microsoft 365 enjoy greater flexibility with many of the applications you are already using all in one place."

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Why should you choose PepNet Technologies?

Today’s business communications is driven by competition, so it’s critical that your business should choose the best value-driven solution in the market today:

  • Australia’s First Carbon Neutral RingCentral Business Partner.
  • RingCentral- The global Leader in Cloud Communications.
    Message, Video, Phone (MVP) & Contact Centre.
  • Certified RingCentral Delivery Partner.
  • RingCentral has over 400,000 worldwide customers
    (with over 5 million users)
  • RingCentral has a market leading uptime of 99.999%.
  • Locally owned with all support onshore.
  • Partnering with technology partners that are number one in their industry plus our own enterprise grade network solutions makes PepNet a formidable force in Business Communications.
  • Our Guarantee – provide and deliver solutions and the latest technology only from worldwide market leaders, that represents the highest value in the market today.
  • Back that up with a dedicated local Account Executive and 96% customer satisfaction ratings, our team is focussed on providing a superior level of customer service.

Experience a new standard of business support for your business communications when you deal with PepNet Technologies. We’re looking forward to welcoming you onboard as a business customer today.

Partners & Associates

PepNet Technologies & the Environment

‘If everyone does a little then together, we can do a lot’.


At PepNet Technologies we are extremely aware of our shared responsibility to safeguard the natural environment.  In 2021 we became Australia’s first Carbon Neutral RingCentral Business Partner – a long awaited success that fills us with pride.


Our journey towards sustainability has seen the implementation of a robust carbon reduction program. Through this initiative, we’ve actively worked to decrease our emissions by improving climate efficiency in our office via window tinting, adopting solar energy, setting temperature control policies for our HVAC systems, using recycled paper, applying a cloud-based telephone system, and upgrading our lighting to LED.  The goal is to maintain this steadfast commitment and achieve a net-zero operational framework by continually aligning our practices with our sustainability goals.


PepNet Technologies has also made tangible investments in promoting sustainability. We’ve directed our efforts towards a West Australian project in collaboration with Carbon Neutral’s Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor—a remarkable undertaking that has secured a premium Gold Standard certification as the first of its kind in Australia. The Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor stands as a testament to impactful reforestation, a project that yields environmental, economic, social, and heritage co-benefits.


This endeavour involves the cultivation of a diverse range of indigenous species native to the region. By rejuvenating degraded land in the northern wheatbelt of Southwest Australia, we’re actively restoring the natural habitat. The result is the revival of wildlife and the vital process of carbon removal from the atmosphere.

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E-Waste & Mobile Recycling

PepNet proudly presents our latest pioneering initiative – Electronic Waste (e-waste) Recycling Program. Being a Carbon Neutral organisation, we have a dedicated focus on the disposal of e-waste. That’s why we are offering a hassle-free solution that extends right to your office doorstep. Our team will collect all your e-waste and ensure it is disposed of correctly to prevent any harmful impact on the environment. 


Did you know that the State Government is banning the dumping of e-waste into landfill as part of its 2024 vision for lowering carbon emissions.  E-waste encompasses anything from computers, monitors, networking equipment, televisions, DVD players, printers, mobiles, cables, accessories and even your old keyboards. According to, there is at least 347 Mt of unrecycled e-waste on earth, becoming the world’s fastest growing waste source. Sadly, only 17.4% of e-waste is known to be collected and properly recycled. We want to change this. 


Being at the forefront of the e-waste revolution, we are also a valued member of MobileMuster.  This is an accredited organisation that has been recognised by the Federal Australian Government for over two decades.  This remarkable partnership to collect and recycle unused mobile phones, tablets and its accessories, aligns seamlessly with our program and commitment to sustainability.


 The disposal of electronic devices has an undeniable impact on our environment. Your involvement with our recycling program, gives us the opportunity to drive change within the technology industry by fostering sustainability through the recycling of electronic items.  Together, we’re redefining the future of responsible e-waste management.  Please join us in making a difference.  You can start by booking a pickup today.

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