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Fuel Consumption & Tax Credits

As a leading expense line for many businesses, the right fleet tracking software will track fuel spend and monitor fuel usage to identify wasteful behaviours, such as excessive idling and aggressive acceleration with real-time alerts. With proper data that you can analyse, you’re able to find opportunities to reduce fuel costs and save money. Paired with a Fuel Tax Credit (FTC) solution, you can also increase your rebate to put more $$$ into the business’s back pocket. Teletrac Navman is the only solution in Australia that has an ATO Product and Class ruling. We can submit a retrospective refund review and claim any potential refunds for fuel purchased over the last 4 years.

Compliance & Driver Safety

A complete GPS fleet tracking system will help you meet compliance and workplace health and safety regulations, incl. NHVAS, HVNL, WH&S and more. An electronic system can record and report on safety incidents, including poor driving behaviours, unauthorised use, and maintenance.

With mounting pressures for better time management and more efficient routing, drivers are faced with a hurdle of challenges. However, with a fleet tracking system in place, studies show drivers are more careful and pay closer attention to laws and other potential violations.

A fleet tracking system can help reduce and report on:

  • Speeding
  • Harsh braking, cornering and acceleration
  • Tailgating

Risk Management

While fleet management software doesn’t eliminate risk, it helps identify potential risk and mediates against risk with built-in reminders and reliable, real-time tracking data.

Businesses can reduce risk through:

  • Real-time driver coaching/alerting for unsafe behaviours, such as harsh braking, sharp cornering, or rapid acceleration.
  • Instant incident replay for accident investigation
  • Benchmarking driver behaviour using driver scorecard
  • Audit and compliance support


From electronic work diaries, job management, routing optimisation and customisable automated workflow solutions, such as proof of delivery, are all a key component to being able to increase productivity by digitising previously manual tasks and eliminating paperwork. This makes your back-office staff and driver’s lives easier, allowing them allocate jobs more efficiently. This all-in turn leads to improved productivity by streamlining the operation’s workflow.

With telematics comes data, and with data comes reports. Businesses can analyse and gain insight into short and long-term trends to help improve processes across the organisation. Fleet management technology also gives knowledge of efficient routes to job sites, an understanding of where vehicles and assets are, and what they are doing all to steadily build a stronger and more productive fleet.

Preventative Maintenance

A key part of any fleet management system is automated maintenance scheduling. Reduce unexpected maintenance and the associated costs caused by emergency call outs and unplanned downtime, receive automatic notifications on maintenance due dates based on manufacturer recommendations or use engine diagnostics to build preventative maintenance plans. Create digital inspection schedules and always stay ahead of maintenance needs with preventative maintenance planning. Get real-time engine diagnostics alerts, including warning parameters clearly highlighted by color-coded icons.

Theft Recovery – Instant GEO Fence Alerts

Vehicles and equipment are some of the most valuable assets your business owns. Therefore, it should come as no surprise theft recovery is one of the top benefits of GPS tracking. Easily monitor the location and set calendar templates for expected use and quickly identify unusual or unauthorised use.

Get instant alerts when a vehicle or piece of equipment is operating outside its designated location or hours of operation via GEO Fencing. If a vehicle is stolen, location tracking can help authorities recover the asset, reducing expensive replacement and insurance costs.