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Customer Story: WA Mining Company

Enhancing Mining Communications with RingCentral:

A Deep Dive into a West Australian Mining Company using the RingCentral Cloud Solution.

Background: A Western Australian mining company with 350 employees has been listed on the ASX and has been in production for nearly 20 years. Through a series of acquisitions, a well-known miner in WA, inherited three distinct phone systems (Avaya, Alcatel, and Mitel), which they managed until 2019 when these systems approached End-of-Life (EOL). Seeking a unified solution for simplified management and operation, they turned to us. We recommended the RingCentral MVP solution and seamlessly replaced their phone systems across five mine sites.

Project Scope and Deliverables

Initial Investigation and Requirements Gathering
  • Testing Reliability: The IT Manager initiated testing of the VoIP solution at their remote locations to ensure its reliability and performance under real-world conditions.
  • Proof of Concept: On-site testing across all locations enabled comprehensive analysis of call quality through RingCentral analytics.
  • Stakeholder Engagement: We convened with key stakeholders to define the project scope comprehensively.
Assessment, Planning, and Selecting the Right Plan
  • Evaluation: We evaluated the existing phone system setup and identified the necessary features and functionalities required from the RingCentral solution.
  • User Needs: Finalized the number of users and their specific needs, including handset models, call volume and remote worker access.
  • Network Assessment: Ensured correct quality of service (QoS) and configurations were applied to support effective operation of RingCentral handsets.
  • Plan Selection: Identified and selected the appropriate RingCentral plan based on user requirements.
Setup, Configuration, Go-Live, Training and Process Number Porting
  • Configuration: Created user accounts, assigned extensions and set up auto attendants and call queues.
  • Number Porting: Coordinated with carriers for seamless number porting across different locations.
  • Pre-Go-Live: Dispatched hardware and conducted quality assurance testing.
  • Go-Live: Minimized downtime during the staged go-live process. Provided group and one-on-one training sessions for users.
  • Support: Offered training for the IT team and a free 30-day support period to fine-tune configurations.
Cutover/Number Porting
  • Coordination: Informed stakeholders about port dates and monitored the porting process to ensure seamless number transfer.
  • Testing: Conducted comprehensive testing of incoming calls from multiple providers to promptly address any issues.
  • Ongoing Support: Provided an annual SLA agreement for supporting the RingCentral platform.
Outcomes of Note
  • Unified Communication: Successfully unified communication system across all sites.
  • Enhanced Reliability: Ensured high reliability and performance with RingCentral’s market-leading uptime.
  • Redundancy: RingCentral soft phone app can be downloaded onto a PC and/or laptop and/or tablet and/or mobile phone to maintain your communications during any internet outage.
  • Cost Efficiency: Delivered these improvements at a better rate than the traditional legacy systems.

Strategic Decision-Making

We assisted this mining company, (who incidentally is prepared to act as a referee upon request), in making informed decisions when choosing a hosted Cloud vendor, considering factors such as reliability, security and compatibility with their needs. Additionally, we equipped them with the skills and knowledge to use the RingCentral platform effectively, enabling them to train others in-house.

The pace of change is expected to only accelerate into the future. Embracing a robust and reliable communication system now, is a strategic move that positions your company for future success.