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Exceptional Satisfaction Ratings in Annual Survey

We are thrilled to share the results of PepNet Technologies recent Customer Satisfaction Survey for December 2023. The findings prove our commitment to providing top-notch customer service in the evolving landscape of the Information Technology and Communication (ITC) sector.

In a year when customer expectations soared, we proudly received a remarkable 94% rating, a testament to our dedication and the quality of service we provide. This places us among the highest-rated companies in the telecommunication sector, closely following exceptional customer satisfaction ratings by ALDI Mobile (94.4%) and Aussie Broadband (93.2%) in a recent Roy Morgan poll.

RingCentral, our trusted partner, also received high praise with an overall customer service rating of 83%, solidifying the fact that we have chosen a reliable partner for our customers.

Insights into Customer Satisfaction

The survey brought forth valuable insights, with customers expressing their satisfaction and providing constructive feedback:

  • Business Solutions: Customers appreciate our ability to come up with solutions to their business issues related to inbound traffic.
  • Regular Communication: There is a demand for more frequent touchpoints, with suggestions for six-monthly or yearly calls to answer questions and enhance customer interaction.

Customer Testimonials: Real Voices, Real Satisfaction

Our clients shared their positive experiences:

  • “Responsive and deliver projects on schedule and budget. Service and support are excellent.”
  • “Great staff and knowledgeable, creative, personalised support that assists our unique business needs.”

Areas of Excellence: A Closer Look at Ratings

  • Likelihood to Recommend: An exceptional 90% rating indicates a high likelihood of customers recommending PepNet to their friends.
  • Customer Service Rating: PepNet achieved an outstanding 94% rating, highlighting the effectiveness of our local dealer-friendly approach.
  • How to Improve PepNet Customer Service: Constructive suggestions were provided, including a once-a-year training session to address new staff and prevent the formation of bad habits.

RingCentral Ratings: A Reliable Partner

  • Value for Money: 88%
  • Billing: 86%
  • Overall Customer Service: 83%

NPS Insights: A Closer Look.

Despite an outlier providing a 0-rating due to a dislike of the Net Promoter Score (NPS) system altogether, removing outliers resulted in a more accurate representation, with an NPS of 90.

PepNet Technologies continues to set industry benchmarks with exceptional customer satisfaction ratings. Our commitment to delivering outstanding service and maintaining a reliable partnership with RingCentral ensures that our clients receive the best telecommunications solutions.

Thank you to our valued customers for their trust and feedback. We look forward to another year of exceeding expectations and providing customer satisfaction.

Best Regards,

Simon Bignell – Director

PepNet Technologies