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Now an Authorised Peplink & Starlink Provider

We have some news that will benefit businesses and individuals seeking robust connectivity solutions. As an Authorised Provider for Peplink in Perth, Australia, we are delighted to announce Peplink’s collaboration with Starlink, making them the very first Authorised Technology Provider to offer these joint solutions.

This partnership combines the cutting-edge Starlink Flat High-Performance terminal with Peplink’s SD-WAN routers, providing businesses with enhanced reliability and higher speeds using satellite internet services globally.

Key Benefits of the Joint Solution:

  • Cost-Effective: A combined solution addresses concerns involving cost, speed, and reliability, making it accessible for businesses of all sizes.
  • High Speeds: The Peplink and Starlink joint solution delivers high-speed internet bandwidth globally, meeting the diverse needs of businesses, from mobile operations to remote offices and especially opening doors for maritime settings.
  • Reliability: With patented hardware and software solutions from Peplink, businesses can achieve unbreakable connectivity in any scenario, ensuring seamless operations.

As an Authorised Technology Provider, PepNet will now be offering these solutions through to existing and new business clients.

Success Stories: In a groundbreaking initiative within the cruise industry, Peplink solution providers deployed multi-link aggregation routers and multiple Starlink satellite terminals on a large cruise ship. This deployment significantly increased reliability and speed of ship-board Internet connections while reducing operational costs compared to previous options.

“With Peplink technology, we achieved over 1Gbps capacity with multiple Starlinks on the cruise ships, delivering seamless internet connectivity to passengers,” said Chad Gibbs, Vice President of Starlink Business Operations.

To experience reliable connectivity that is truly anytime, anywhere, contact us today on 08 9267 3333 or, or for more information visit

We look forward to bringing you affordable, fast, and reliable internet solutions that meet your business needs.

Simon Bignell


PepNet Technologies