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Revolutionising Fleet Safety with AI-Powered Dashcam

As roads become busier and distractions more prevalent, fleet safety remains a top priority for businesses managing vehicle and equipment assets. Teletrac Navman, a leading connected mobility platform, has taken a significant step forward by enhancing its AI-powered dashcam and video telematics solution, the IQ Camera. PepNet, as an authorised Teletrac Navman Dealer, is excited to share the latest features that will benefit fleet operators and drivers.

Key Features

  1. Driver Distraction Detection:
    • The IQ Camera now leverages advanced algorithms to monitor various aspects of driver behaviour. By seamlessly integrating driver positioning, facial recognition, and physiological measurements, it detects outward-facing actions such as following distance, lane adherence, and harsh manoeuvres.
    • Distraction alerts are triggered when the system identifies “Owl” or “Lizard” motions. “Owl Distraction” occurs when the driver physically turns their head in any direction, while “Lizard Distraction” detects gaze deviations away from the road ahead.
    • Additionally, the system monitors mobile phone use and discourages illegal behaviour.
  2. Drowsy Driver Detection:
    • Continuous monitoring of physiological indicators, such as eye closure duration and head position, helps combat driver fatigue.
    • The system’s Drowsy Driving detection feature analyses eye closure duration to detect signs of drowsiness, providing timely alerts to drivers.

Benefits for Fleet Safety

  1. Real-Time Alerts:
    • The IQ Camera provides real-time alerts to drivers when distraction, cell phone use, or drowsiness is detected.
    • Audible spoken word alerts keep drivers focused on the road, reducing the likelihood of incidents.
  2. Promoting Driver Well-Being:
    • By addressing distractions and fatigue, the IQ Camera promotes the well-being of drivers.
    • Fleet managers receive event footage and telematics data in Teletrac Navman’s fleet management system (TN360).

Teletrac Navman’s commitment to safety aligns with PepNet’s mission to provide cutting-edge solutions for our clients. As an authorised dealer, we encourage fleet operators in Perth to explore the benefits of the AI-powered IQ Camera. Together, we can create safer roads and protect both drivers and valuable assets.

Source: Press Release: AI-Powered Dashcam and Video Telematics Solutions to combat Driver Distraction and Fatigue1