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RingCentral Q3 Innovations: Unleashing AI

RingCentral’s mission is to improve your work life by harnessing AI Automation and Acceleration to make your daily tasks more efficient and maintain exceptional customer experiences. In Q3, they introduced exciting innovations to help teams unify and augment human productivity through AI, not replace it.  As a certified delivery partner, we wanted to share these with you.

Top Highlights:

RingSense for Phone: AI Call Transcripts, Summaries & Sentiment

RingSense for Phone is here, acting as your personal AI assistant at the office. It uses AI to capture and summarise calls, making knowledge retrieval quicker. Features include real-time and post-call transcriptions, closed captioning, generative summaries, highlights, and sentiment scoring. It enhances comprehension and ensures compliance.

New FIRST TO MARKET Innovations for Revenue Teams: RingSense for Sales

Designed to complement human efforts, RingSense for Sales integrates with Salesforce, Hubspot, and more, automating data management and enhancing tracking. We’re first to market with AI explainability, providing clear reasons behind AI predictions. Refined deal scoring and AI coaching are coming soon.

The First Compliant Cloud Telephony Provider in India

We’re proud to be the first global cloud provider offering fully compliant cloud phone services in India, catering to the growing IT communications market.

The most empowering user call handling on the market

Custom call rules, personalised greetings, and admin-unified settings empower small and medium-sized businesses. The new Call Rule Wizard streamlines rule creation.

Enhanced Microsoft Teams Integration

RingCentral for Microsoft Teams 2.0 offers automated presence sync, faster load times, and a unified directory, ensuring seamless integration.

Webinar Live Streaming and Rooms Scheduling Display

Livestream RingCentral Webinars to YouTube for extended reach, enhanced brand visibility, and integration with other marketing efforts. Room Scheduling Display allows for convenient meeting room booking.

New Messaging Enhancements for Better Productivity

Reimagined Messaging offers a new layout, pop-out message windows, and message previews for improved team communication.

Switch Between Accounts

Easily switch between different RingCentral accounts without logging out, saving you time and ensuring you stay updated.


Stay tuned for these exciting innovations and make sure you’re on the latest app update to access them.

If you would like more information on any of RingCentral’s existing and/or newly launched features, please reach out for a meeting. P:08 9267 3333, E:

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