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Telematics Beyond Borders: The NEW IQ Camera Steals the Spotlight.

The Annual Teletrac Navman Conference was held in Bali this year at the stunning Le Meridien resort in Jimbaran, it was a memorable event that brought together the best minds in the telematics industry. Directors of PepNet Technologies, Simon Bignell and Dino Sheref, had the privilege of attending along with other esteemed dealer partners from across Australia. It was an incredible experience, reflecting on a time when borders were closed, and we couldn’t indulge in such luxurious experiences.

The conference took place from Tuesday, October 31st, to Friday, November 3rd, offering a unique blend of business updates, strategic planning sessions, and the exciting launch of the all-in-one IQ Camera.

Introducing the IQ Camera

The IQ Camera is a revolutionary product that combines camera and tracking functionalities into a single, comprehensive solution. This innovation simplifies operations by reducing the number of devices required, making setup and management more straightforward, and ultimately lowering investment costs. Key features of the IQ Camera include:

  • Dual Camera: The IQ Camera boasts both forward and inward-facing AI cameras, highly configurable for driver assistance and status monitoring.
  • Driver Status Monitoring: Proactively detects distracted driving, enhancing safety and improving driver behaviour.
  • Advanced Driver Assistance: Audible alerts for high-risk actions like lane departure, tailgating, and forward collisions reduce overall risk.
  • Fully Connected: Seamlessly integrated into the TN360 platform, ensuring convenient access to event footage and additional recordings.
  • Driver-Initiated Events: In emergencies, drivers can press an emergency record button to preserve evidence.
  • Live Streaming: Allows operators to access live video to ensure the well-being of drivers in real-time.

The IQ Camera utilises Artificial intelligence (AI) to assess every minute of driving time, offering real-time coaching and feedback to reduce risks. It streamlines the process of accessing video footage for insurance claims and driver performance monitoring, this leads to potential savings– a true game changer for businesses looking to reduce investment costs.

Teletrac Navman: A Leader in Telematics

Teletrac Navman, Australia’s #1 Telematics company, showcased their remarkable solutions for Fleet Management and Asset Tracking. With 25 years of experience, they’ve played an instrumental role in helping businesses enhance safety, boost revenue, and lower operating costs.

Team-Building and Fun

The conference was not just about business; it was also about building relationships and having fun. Our teams actively participated in various team-building activities. Simon’s team even secured the third spot in the Gebogan building competition, Gebogan, is a Balinese offering that symbolises gratitude to the Gods for their blessings. It’s created for offerings to the deities and ancestral spirits, showcasing the grace and fertility bestowed upon us. This arrangement consist of fruits and traditional cakes, artfully presented to create a stunning and attractive tower. Simon is beaming with pride at his team’s Gebogan creation!

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Teletrac Navman for an incredible experience and the opportunity to learn, grow, and celebrate together. This conference not only provided valuable insights into the latest industry advancements but also fostered connections within the Telematics industry. We look forward to another successful year of collaboration and innovation in the world of telematics.


Left to right : Simon Bignell – Director of PepNet Technologies, Shane Scoville – Global Chief Revenue Officer at Teletrac Navman