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Upgrade Before the 3G Shutdown

The countdown to the Telstra 3G network shutdown is underway, with only three months left until the closure date on June 30, 2024.

As you may be aware, Telstra will be switching off its 3G network, rendering any devices reliant solely on 3G connectivity obsolete. To ensure uninterrupted service, any 3G devices must be upgraded to alternatives compatible with 4G and/or 5G networks before the shutdown.

If you or your organisation utilise high-risk services dependent on the 3G network, we strongly recommend migrating these devices at the earliest opportunity to ensure service continuity. High-risk services encompass those utilised by vulnerable customers, emergency services, or medical alert devices. It is crucial to identify and address any such services promptly to avoid disruptions.

Have you assessed all potentially high-risk services within your premises?

This may include; 

  • Asset and Vehicle Tracking Solutions. 
  • Security systems and alarms. 
  • Lift Phones. 
  • Gate & Door Phones. 
  • Medical Devices and Disabled Toilet Phones 
  • Mobile Phones 
  • USB Dongles, Modems. 
  • and more. 

If you require assistance or guidance regarding the migration process, please do not hesitate to contact PepNet Technologies. Our team is readily available to discuss your options and provide support tailored to your needs.

Additionally, I would like to highlight PepNet’s commitment to environmental sustainability through our free community e-waste program. We offer services to recycle old mobile devices and e-waste, contributing to the reduction of electronic waste in our communities. 

Don’t wait until the last minute; take proactive steps now to upgrade your devices and ensure continued connectivity beyond the 3G network shutdown.